Trump-Kim Meet Was Historic, But Also Weird...Kim Brought a Toilet

The Singapore Summit is not your regular conclave for a lot of reasons.

1. Sitting US and Korean leaders have met for the first time in history and a “ very important and comprehensive” document was signed between the two.

2. Donald Trump talked about making peace, not war.

3. Kim Jong Un brought his own... toilet... to Singapore

Kim’s Portable Toilet Arrived in Singapore Before The Man Himself

Kim “overcame everything to be there” but he couldn’t overcome his apprehension of sewer divers who might want samples of his stool.

The North Korean leader is said to travel with several portable toilets, including the one in his Mercedes.

A South Korean website, Daily NK, reported that Kim has portable restrooms not only in his personal train, but in whatever small or mid-sized cars he travels in. The publication also said that it is unthinkable for a “supreme leader” like himself to use a public restroom.

Twitter is somewhat disturbed

Kim’s Poo Will Come Back to North Korea With Kim

Kim may be a lot of things, but he is not a risk-taker. He will not risk the secrecy of his health and his poo shall come back to North Korea with him!

While Trump was focused on looking “nice, handsome and thin”, Kim clearly had better things to worry about.

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