Trump impeachment news – live: Prosecutors attack ‘completely bogus’ conspiracy theories pushed by White House as Republicans moan about trial and hand out fidget spinners

Joe Sommerlad
Adam Schiff and Donald Trump

The Democratic impeachment managers continued to make the case against Donald Trump in the Senate on Thursday, focusing on abuse of power and accusing the administration and Fox News of pushing “completely bogus, Kremlin-pushed” conspiracy theories as a pretext to cheat the 2020 election by leaning on Ukraine for a political favour.

House Judiciary Committee chairman Jerrold Nadler called the president’s conduct “wrong”, “illegal” and “dangerous” while his Intelligence Committee counterpart Adam Schiff closed on an emotional note, declaring: “If the truth doesn’t matter, we’re lost.”

As Republicans again made a point of heavily advertising how bored they were – with one senator even handing out fidget spinners to colleagues – President Trump took to Twitter to shift attention to the 2020 race but could not resist posting a meme of Barack Obama “spying” on him in Trump Tower (itself a groundless conspiracy theory).

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