Trump Govt Could Potentially Shut Down on His 100th Day at Office

The aim? To strengthen jointmanship and facilitate interoperability between the two armies.

As US President Donald Trump nears his 100th day, the White House is also preparing for a potential shutdown.

President Donald Trump put pressure on Democrats on Sunday as US lawmakers worked to avoid a government shutdown, saying that Obamacare would die without the money that the White House has offered in exchange for their agreement to fund his border wall.

Trump is pressurizing Republicans to include money from the budget in the border wall bill but Democrats and some Republicans have said they would vote against any such the proposal, which is why the White House offered $7 billion for Obamacare subsidies if Democrats vote for the wall funding.

Without a deal, the funding for the government will run out on 28 April, effectively shutting down the government on Trump’s 100th day in office.

The president's tweeted after White House budget director Mick Mulvaney accused Democrats of "holding hostage national security" by opposing $1.5 billion to help build a wall along the US-Mexico border.

Democrats have said they would not support legislation that ends federal subsidies to help low-income people buy health insurance under the Affordable Care Act, popularly known as Obamacare.

Low Approval Ratings

One of the biggest pledges that Donald Trump made during his campaign for the presidential election was to build a wall along that Mexican border. Initially he said that he would make the Mexicans pay for it which was estimated to cost billion, but later on he said that Mexico would eventually pay for the wall at a later date.

But close to a 100 days of Trump presidency his approval ratings have dropped further to 40 percent which is the lowest recorded by NBC News in the first 100 days of any presidency. Sixty-four percent of people said that Trump off to a bad start in his presidency.

(With inputs from NBC News and Reuters)