Trump Critics Targeted Again, 'Suspicious Packages' Now Sent to Senator Cory Booker, Ex-Intel Chief James Clapper

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Cesar Sayoc, 56, who was arrested Friday, was due to be arraigned in Florida Monday on charges of mailing 13 pipe bombs and authorities had cautioned that more might be in circulation.

New York, October 26: Another suspicious package was found at the New York Post Office on Friday. The package was addressed to former Director of National Intelligence James Clapper. The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) has started investigating the matter. meanwhile, one more suspicious package has been found in the country. It was addressed Democrat Senator Cory Booker.  Till now 12 such packages have been discovered from the country.

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The agency has also asked the public’s help in solving the case. In an unprecedented security breach over the last four days ahead of the upcoming US midterm elections, various explosive packages were sent to political opponents and noted detractors of President Donald Trump. However, no injuries have been reported so far as some of the explosives-laden packages had almost reached the targets. Yesterday, an explosive package was found at the restaurant of actor Robert De Niro.

Similar packages were also sent at the residents and establishments of former Presidents Barack Obama and Bill Clinton, his wife and ex-Home Secretary Hillary Clinton and the offices of media house CNN, among others. 'Explosive Devices' Sent to Obama, Clinton, CNN, Robert De Niro and Others: List of Trump Detractors Targeted so Far

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The New York police has issued a statement, asking locals to avoid passing through the Tribeca locality in Manhattan. Shops and offices in the vicinity of the restaurant have been vacated as a safety measure. The explosive-laden suspicious packages sent to noted personalities in the last two days have a common trend -- the targets are staunch political opponents of President Donald Trump.

During a campaign rally in Wisconsin for the upcoming US midterm elections, the US President toned down his rhetoric against the Democrats, saying "unity" in the nation is most important to safeguard democracy. Notably, Trump has accused the Democrats of attempting to "fill the nation with criminal immigrants and extremist refugees".