Truck De India to I am Krishna: 4 books that are just out

Book: Truck De India

Author: Rajat Ubhaykar

Publisher: Simon & Schuster India

In this book, journalist Rajat Ubhaykar embarks on a unplanned trip, hitchhiking with truckers all across India. On the way, he makes unexpected friendships; listens to highway ghost stories; documents the fascinating tradition of truck art in Punjab and is unfailingly greeted by the unconditional kindness of perfect strangers.

Book: ISRO Misfired

Author: K V Thomas

Publisher: Sage

An infamous espionage case took the country by storm in 1994 and destroyed the lives and careers of many people. The main accused, Nambi Narayan, was vindicated and received 50 lakh compensation from the Kerala government. Ex-IB Officer K. V. Thomas reveals the long saga of interrogations, investigations and legal battles.

Book: The Patriots’ Legacy: Forbidden Treasure

Author: Apurva Bhuta

Publisher: The Write Place

This book is a fantasy-thriller which explores the journey of seven protagonists known as Young Patriots, as they traverse the far-flung corners of the planet to unearth a priceless treasure. The book brilliantly narrates the struggles, physical, emotional and mental, faced by the seven protagonists on their quest.

Book: I am Krishna (Vol 3)

Author: Deep Trivedi

Publisher: Aatman Innovations

‘I am Krishna Vol. 3 – Dwarka – From Dreams to Reality’ answers several significant questions about his life such as: ‘Why did Krishna create Dwarka?’, ‘Why did he kidnap the love of his life—Rukmini?’ and ‘What was the catalyst that necessitated Krishna to delve deeper into the political realm of Aryavarta?’