Troy Deeney writes heartfelt tribute to his mum ahead of Mother’s Day

Adam Hamdani
Troy Deeney has recorded a poem dedicated to his mother

Watford captain Troy Deeney has collaborated with spoken word artist Casey Bailey and recorded a poem for Mother’s Day.

Entitled ‘Momsy’, the poem charts Deeney’s relationship with his mother, Emma, from challenging beginnings through adolescence and adulthood, to scoring at Wembley for Watford.

“I have never said these things out loud to my mom. Like most men I’m not good with words and expressing my feelings, but she has influenced me in everything I do,” Deeney explained

“From a young age she showed me what hard work was and how you should never give up. She made me try to be the best version of myself. She is my angel and I wanted to put together this video to articulate what she means to me.

“It’s going to be a tough Mother’s Day for many families who can’t be together this weekend so it’s more important than ever that we reach out and tell them that we love them.”

Watch Deeney perform the poem below.


You were here before I made it, here before the fame,
Before the drama, the come back, before I loved the game
And I swear there’s something different in the way you say my name,
It’s just ‘Troy’ but still no one else says it the same,

Is it the history we share, maybe it’s the love,
Maybe it’s just the way you care, or all of the above,
But one things for sure, even when times were tough,
And all we had was you, you were more than enough,

Early years we shed tears, you held me through the pain,
You were my only ray of sunshine when life was full of rain,
You’re my constant, the one I could rely on from the start,
Now I hold you in my heart like these memories in my brain,

When we were fixing up the house, kci and jo jo playing,
It connected but I weren’t praying like they were praying,
All my life I never had to pray for someone like you,
Cuz I have you, the foundation of everything I do.

Kindest person that I know, you see the best in people,
Praise for the positive, forgiveness for their evils,
We came from having nothing, but now that you have something
You never look down you treat everyone as equals.

You’re like a jelly bean, the comparison is simple,
Life made your shell hard, but you’re soft in the middle,
Stayed sweet, when life could have made you so sour,
Your my superhero, and kindness is your power.

I remember how we struggled, still you provided,
You kept food on the table, kept siblings United,
Working more than one job, time always divided,
So when I look at you I know what the meaning of pride is.

And I didn’t always make you proud, I know I got it wrong,
I put those tears in your eyes when I was meant to make you strong,
Put myself in places that I know I don’t belong,
But I made it back, and you stood with me all along.

Through my trials and tribulations, mistakes and situations,
You haven’t just been there for me, you’ve been amazing,
We’ve rode the choppy seas, it wasn’t plain sailing,
But we took the tidal waves and used em for elevation.

Now were here, I’m glad I get to see you live in style,
Life’s a marathon, but feels like it’s been a hundred miles,
We don’t know our destiny, but you always see the best in me,
So even that goal at Wembley is nothing to your smile,

I call you momsy, sometimes mom, but never mum,
What can I tell you, I guess that’s just growing up in Brum,
You taught me to be proud of who I am and where from,
Now I hope I make you proud, like I’m proud to be your son.