TRONADZ – Reached the 2.5 Million USD Milestone

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The Asian continent is one of the prime movers of industrialization across the world. Advertisement helps to propel Asian-based businesses to the rest of the world. Advertisements also help to connect content creators with those that will consume their content.

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Out of all the projects built around advertisement, one project you should look out for that is making waves across Asia is TRONADZ. This project is first of its kind because it is powered by blockchain technology. It leverages smart contracts to revolutionize the ads market; thus, enabling content creators, publishers, and marketers to make the most of their expertise.

Why TRONADZ Is Booming In Asia

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The Asian continent is very strategic as far as the global scheme of things is concerned. The continent is presently the hub of manufacturing among other things. Businesses and business owners in Asia rely heavily on advertisements to make sales and also export their goods and services to other jurisdictions.

Since the launch of TRONADZ, the advertising space in member countries has taken a leap. Content creators, developers, and publishers now earn passive income just by putting up ads on the TRONADZ platform. There are different income levels for users to earn. In fact, the moment you purchase advert credits, you will instantly be credited with a 1% daily bonus.

TRONADZ now has 2.5 million USD in the smart contract. This is like 50.000.000 TRONS (TRX). Another reason why TRONADZ is booming in Asia is that the brand has been involved in organizing seminars to sensitize businesses, entrepreneurs, and public-spirited individuals on the exciting opportunity that the advertising space presents. Businesses are now more eager to invest in the advertisement space.

Why Is TRONADZ Different From Other Projects In The Ads Space?

If you are wondering why TRONADZ is taking the lead in the global ads space, the following TRONADZ features should convince you:

Ease of Use

Unlike other projects in the ads space, TRONADZ doesn't depend on any paperwork to function. From investing, verification, and earning, the team at TRONADZ online activities.

Profits Distribution

If you are an investor in the TRONADZ ecosystem, you will receive part of the profit generated into your personal wallet. The profits are shared without even applying for withdrawals.

Top Sponsor Pool

TRONADZ has a top sponsor dashboard where they feature the names of their top sponsors. If you contribute heavily to the project, your name is likely to appear on the top sponsor list. It's a way for the team to appreciate your loyalty.

Different Ways To Make Money

TRONADZ offers investors different ways to make money. As an investor, you can earn money via referral commission, matching bonus, and a daily 1% bonus.


TRONADZ is a leading advertising network fund that leverages the power of blockchain to give more to content creators, publishers, and advertisers. The team at TRONADZ understands the concept of advertising in-depth and how to empower advertising enthusiasts.

TRONADZ offers different bonuses to investors in its ecosystem. If you are an investor, you would have the opportunity to earn a 1% daily bonus, referral commission, and matching bonus. The value of the bonus largely depends on your portfolio and investment holdings.