Trolls ‘Snap’ at Sonu Sood Instead of Sonu Nigam

The comedy of errors continue. 

Sometimes, people cannot even troll right. If the Snapchat-Snapdeal fiasco was not hilarious enough, the next one will have you splits. Apparently, people have been trolling Sonu SOOD for Sonu NIGAM’s “azaan” tweet. And the Kung Fu Yoga actor is as stumped as we are:

Earlier today, Sonu Nigam tweeted about how his REM cycle isn’t completed due to the Islamic call to prayer.

Sonu Sood has been at the receiving end of the trolls. And Twitter can’t stop talking about how he’s Snapdeal in the Snapchat row. For the uninitiated, confused Indians have been uninstalling Snapdeal instead of Snapchat after the latter’s CEO allegedly made the “poor India” comment.

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A hilarious Monday or what?

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