Tripura tea garden workers remember tribal freedom fighter Birsa Munda

Agartala (Tripura), June 09 ANI: On the 122nd death anniversary of Birsa Munda, a freedom fighter of the nineteenth century, tea garden workers of the Durga Bari tea estate paid floral tribute on June 9. He was a fearless young man from the Munda tribe, who revolted and fought bravely against the tyranny of the British colonial rule in areas now bordering Bengal, Bihar, and Jharkhand. Born on 15 November 1875 in Ulihatu in Bengal presidency, he was named after the day according to the then prevalent Munda customs. He was arrested by the British police on March 3, 1900. Birsa Munda died young, at 25, in Ranchi jail on June 9 the same year.

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