Triple Talaq: Call in Favour of Women In Two Years, Says AIMPLB VP

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Pronouncing triple talaq in one go “is not right”, said All India Muslim Personal Law Board’s Vice President Kalbe Sadiq and he further stressed that an amendment to the rule is the “need of the hour”.

A Times of India report said that Sadiq, while speaking at a press conference in Bijnor, told the participants: “Even if I say triple talaq 300 times, it will not materialise into a divorce.”

He said that in the Shia community, the enunciation is made after an interval of one month which gives a couple time to work on their relationship while among the Sunnis, the triple talaq is done in one go.

Sadiq stated that the triple talaq matter the Muslim community’s “personal” matter and the Centre must not interfere in it.

Muslims will take an adequate decision themselves in the favour of the Muslim women, within a year or two.

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