“I Tried to Kill Myself”: Sabyasachi Opens up About Depression

Celebrity designer Sabyasachi has left us mesmerised with his stunning designs on more than one occasion. But behind the shimmer and grandeur of it all, lies a man with his own share of hardships and struggles.

In a recent interview with ETPanache, Sabyasachi recounted his troubled childhood and expressed how his profession worked as an emotional getaway for him.

Sabyasachi“I got into severe depression when I was 17. I tried committing suicide. It was a failed attempt. Mental health in today’s day and time, with this quick pace of life, is becoming more pronounced. And people need to understand that it is not something that one needs to be ashamed of or fear because it’s quite normal. And we need to just address it as normally as possible.”

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He holds lack of adequate support from those arround, as well as the education system of that time: both responsible for his state of mental health. "I was a creative person in the wrong education stream. I was studying medicine, then economics, wasn't very sure what I would do."

Sabyasachi“Self-expression helped me cope with the frustrations of not being able to find a creative outlet. I started expressing myself by dyeing my hair orange and wearing ripped jeans with safety pins on them, inspired by Madonna.”

Add to it the stigma that comes along with mental health problems, leading to isolation and aggravated distress. Reaching out to a community helps, he believes.

“I think right now there is a lot of conversation happening on mental health and everybody can find their community, sometimes if not offline, then definitely online.”

With time, he has healed, and he credits his job for his emotional progress. "It (depressive episodes) doesn't happen to be anymore. I have too creative and too fulfilling a job."

This isn't the first time that he has spoken up about the issue. In a 2017 conclave, he said, "My depression gave me a lot of clarity. Had I not been depressed, India would have lost me to some company called Google, in San Francisco."

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