Some tricks to keep pet odor away from your house

Meera Venugopal
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Some tricks to keep pet odor away from your house
Some tricks to keep pet odor away from your house

14 Mar 2021: Some tricks to keep pet odor away from your house

It took me gazillion online tutorials to come up with effective ways to get rid of my beagle's doggy odor at home.

Pets are the ultimate stress-busters, yes, but it can be a nightmare to stay at a home that smells like them!

Keeping our houses neat is a daily process, and following these steps regularly will help you keep pet odor away.

Wash: Neutralize smell on furniture by regularly washing the covers

You should be washing all the linens that your pet frequents, more often than you think you should.

Cushion covers, bed linens, throw pillows should be washed at least once a week to keep them smelling fresh.

Make sure to dry in sunlight before putting them back.

If you suspect that your clothes also have a bad odor, wash them during this cleaning cycle.

Vacuum cleaners: Not the dog, befriend a vacuum cleaner in this case

If you are a pet parent, sweeping and mopping regularly is something that should not be avoided at all.

But another must in your cleaning regime is vacuuming the house.

Vacuum cleaners can efficiently clean the corners that cannot be reached with your brooms, and they help remove all those hair, dirt, and danders that are usually stuck in the crevices of your furniture.

Dog's bed: Wash your dog's bed at least once in two weeks

Your pet's bed is probably a warehouse of all its hair, saliva, and danders and it is important to wash it at least once in two weeks, if not, more frequently.

Most pet beds can be machine washed. It is also important to dry the bed in the sunlight before putting it back.

This makes sure that the bed is cleaner and fresher.

Oil diffusers: Use oil diffusers and potpourris to offset the smell

Adding your favorite essential oils to a diffuser is a temporary solution to get rid of pet odor, without addressing its root cause, but it can be considered.

Potpourris are another easy way to ensure that your home smells pleasant.

These fresh-smelling things just offset the existing smell and it is important that you regularly clean every nook and corner, for pleasant-smelling pet homes.

Ventilation: Ventilate the house to let fresh air in

It is not a wise idea to leave the doors open when you have a pet at home, and there are other ways to let the fresh air flow into your home.

For example, you can leave the windows open for some time every day to ensure that the stagnant air moves out.

Exhaust fans also help in removing the smell to an extent.