Tribute Jukebox: Chuck Berry, From Maybellene to Sweet Sixteen

On Sunday, the world of music lost arguably its most influential rock music performer. At age 90, Chuck Berry’s career had spanned nearly 70 years, producing timeless hits and instant classics, basically inventing rock and roll. How then, does one quantify a career like Chuck Berry’s into one playlist? From a riff that launched rock and roll, to a persona that inspired legends since his time, Chuck Berry is in every inch, the one true king of rock and roll.

From his early success with ‘Maybellene’, Berry moved to a more mainstream sound with ‘Sweet Little Sixteen’. His magnum opus for many of his modern listeners however, will remain ‘Johhny B.Goode’ – an instant classic that is still revered by many rock icons .

This playlist is a celebration of Berry’s life and exploring just how the century-defining culture of rock and roll truly began.

Johnny B.Goode


Sweet Little Sixteen

Roll Over Beethoven