Tribal killed in suspected tiger attack in Telangana

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Hyderabad, Nov 12 (PTI) A 21-year-old tribal man was mauled to death by an animal, suspected to be a tiger in a forest area in Kumram Bheem Asifabad district,Forest officials said on Thursday.

The incident happenedin Kaghaznagar forest divisionon Wednesday when the victim had gone to the forest area with his friends, they said.

The man was attacked andkilled allegedly bythe feline, which dragged him into the bushes for almost 150 meters.

Two others, who had gone to collect firewood, returned only to find their friend missing and alerted the villagers, they said adding later the man's partially devoured body was found.

Forest officials visited the scene andcollected pugmarks and investigation was on to ascertain if they were of a tiger.

'We suspect that the animal out of fear might have pounced on the man. Because no such incidents of a carnivore attackinghuman have been reported in the recent past,' an official said.

Special teams were formed to monitor the movement of the big cat and capture it, he added.

Acompensation of about Rs 5 lakh will be announced for the kin of the deceased. PTI VVK ROH ROH