Triangular property dispute: Cricketer Manoj Prabhakar, actress wife are booked

New Delhi: Former Indian cricketer Manoj Prabhakar and his actress wife Farheen were booked in a criminal case by the Delhi Police on Thursday on the basis of an FIR lodged by London-based NRI, Sandhya Prabhakar, the first wife of the cricket star.

In her FIR lodged with Malviya Nagar police station, Sandhya has alleged that Prabhakar, backed by a few top politicians, connived with police officers and fraudulently sold off her flat in south Delhi. When Sandhya tried to approach the couple, she was threatened with dire consequences by Farheen.

The first wife, Sandhya, who is three years elder to Prabhakar, alleged that his second wife Farheen (eight years younger to the cricketer) demanded Rs 1.50 crore to return the property.

Police sources said that though it appears to be a family dispute, an enquiry into the sequence of events has revealed that Farheen had been eyeing the property.

Farheen, known for her 'Madhuri Dixit looks', started her career with Tamil and Kannada films but her charm brought her to Mumbai film industry.

After starring in a few Hindi films, Farheen finally left Bollywood to marry Prabhakar, after his relations with Sandhya soured. In her FIR, Sandhya has revealed that a second floor flat in Sarvpriya Vihar was bought by her second husband,

Lakshmi Chand Pandit (now deceased), in 1995. All the documents of the said flat were duly registered in the name of Lakshmi Chand. Sandhya lived on the premises till 2006 and then the flat was used by her brother and a friend till August 2018. Afterwards, the family used the flat on and off.

Sandhya alleged that in July 2019, she came to know from her brother that Prabhakar's men had unlocked the flat and occupied it. Incidentally, Prabhakar and his second wife, along with two sons, live on the first floor of the same apartment.

The police said that an investigation into the case had been launched and statements of the former cricketer and his second wife would be recorded. IANS sought to take the version of Prabhakar but the former cricketer could not be reached.