Triangle Shaped UFO Spotted on US Aircraft Carrier? Hoax Busted, Here Is the Real Unedited Video

Team Latestly

A video showing the landing of the US Navy F-15 fighter jet on the USS Gerald Ford has sparked discussions and debates on social media. A video uploaded by YouTube Channel SECTION 51 2.0 shows the fighter jet coming on board while a grey triangular metallic objects rest on a side. Coupled with appropriate music, the video would want you to believe it is a UFO. People even commented on the video saying that it was the TR-3B, developed by the US Air Force while some said it was an anti-gravity spy plane vehicle.

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The video also claims that nobody respected the military. And as the debates around the video continued, an Iranian state media website wrote about the conspiracy theory referring to the US Navy aviation units as US Air Force jets. They said: "UFO-Like Object Spotted Aboard US Aircraft Carrier."

Here is the spoof video with a badly photoshopped 'triangular UFO' in it:

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The real footage was captured by a pilot on July 28, 2017. The unedited clip shows the first ever US Navy F/A-18 fighter jet's landing. Also,, a site that 'debunk hoaxes, conspiracies and misinformation,' came up with the reality of the conspiracy party. They showed how the original video did not have any 'UFO' in sight.

Here is the real video:

While the spoof YouTube version claims that the video was shot in September 2018 in the Mediterranean Sea, the US Navy does not have any carriers in the Mediterranean now. And the Ford, which has only just recently been commissioned, hasn't been to the Mediterranean yet.