Elephants Dress Up as Santas to Spread Awareness in Thailand, See Pics: Trending Topics, Viral Videos & Funny Memes of The Day

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It's mid-week. So some may feel happy that there are just two more to the weekend, others could feel that it's been just two days into this festive week. To motivate you for the day, people are sharing their positive thoughts on Twitter using the hashtags #WednesdayWisdom and #WednesdayThoughts. People are also sending Good Morning wishes to each other. As the day progresses, we will keep you updated with everything on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. From funny memes, viral videos, hilarious GIFs, latest tweets and posts, we ensure you shall stay updated with all the internet trends.

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December 23 marks the celebration of few important days and events across the world. In India, is it National Farmer's Day or Kisan Diwas. Given the current scenario in the country, National Farmer's Day observance is even more significant. There will be a lot more messages and wishes to honour the hardwork of farmers in the field today. It also marks Festivus, a celebration for those who do not enjoy the commercialisation of the festive season. So Happy Festivus messages and wishes will also trend online. People may also share their advance greetings for Christmas Eve 2020.

There is a lot of festival vibe on social media given that 2020 is almost nearing its end. While some are excited for the New Year 2021, others are sharing what they loved about this year online. Other than these, if there are any new trends online, like the memes and viral videos or social media challenges, we will keep you updated here. For everything that is going around the internet, we will keep you updated with the day's events in this live blog. Have a great day!

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