Trend of TV Serials Showing Extramarital Affairs and Illegitimate Kids Perturbs Mamata Banerjee
State party president Dwipen Pathak said he was resigning from his post because of Mamata Banerjee’s “lack of knowledge” on the NRC issue

Kolkata: West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee has urged the makers of Bengali TV serials to avoid “objectionable” content that could spread hatred in the society.

“I watch TV serials and nowadays I am noticing a section of Bengali TV shows are portraying our values in negative terms. There is a trend in TV serials showing a man who is not aware of his father’s identity. A man having multiple wives is another trend seen in TV serials. Beside these, there will be a villain who is a troublemaker in the family,” she said at a Cable Operators’ meet at Kolkata’s Netaji Indoor Stadium.

“Such serials are corrupting or minds. Especially the young ones are getting affected,” she told the celebrities from Tollywood in attendance.

Banerjee urged the Bengali TV serial makers to avoid such negativity and “show something that would inspire all of us, especially the young generation.”

Banerjee’s remarks have invited mixed reactions from the industry. Some supported her concerns, while others alleged that the industry is controlled by the ruling party and they should be blamed for the entire issue.

Speaking to News18, Film Director Amol Ghosh said, “I fully agree with our Chief Minister. She is right. There are several Bengali TV serials which are actually sending a wrong message to the society. This is a dangerous trend.”

“There should be some check as such objectionable content corrupts minds and is responsible for rising number of crimes. Wife is hiring supari killer to eliminate her husband because she want to live with someone else, multiple wives, live-in partners, club culture etc are actually affecting young mind and this should be stopped,” he added.

Sahitya Akademi award winner Shirshendu Mukhopadhyay also echoed the thought, saying, “Our Chief Minister has raised a genuine issue. Negative content creates negative impact on the viewers.”

However, filmmaker Milan Bhowmik disagreed and said that Banerjee’s statement was devoid of any logic.

“Everybody knows that the Bengali film and television industries are controlled by the Trinamool Congress. It’s her party which promotes such things and now she is publicly blaming the makers of TV serials for such content,” he said.