TREAD One - India's answer to 'Peloton'

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The lack of innovation in the fitness industry is no shocker to any of us. But, now India is climbing up the ladder with its newest integrated fitness startup that may as well just be what we've been looking for.

BENGALURU, India, March 11, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- Bengaluru-based fitness-tech start-up TREAD has announced the launch of 'TREAD One' - a first-of-its-kind, future-ready spin bike (cycle) that integrates hardware, software, and (relevant) content in a single high-quality product, in order to encourage and/or support different forms of home-based workouts. With a compact, sleek yet sturdy and durable design, and high-end features and technology, TREAD One has been built to offer an immersive and comprehensive fitness experience, and act as a perfect one-stop fitness solution for modern-day fitness enthusiasts across diverse ages and backgrounds.

With the introduction of its latest technologically-advanced product, i.e. TREAD One, the start-up has entered into the fitness and home-workout products' market, with a bang. In the near future, TREAD intends to create and foster innovation in the everyday home fitness domain through its products/offerings, etc., thereby encouraging more and more people to come together as a community and motivate and inspire each other towards a fitter, healthier and better tomorrow.

Speaking on the occasion of the product launch, Mr. Dinesh Godara, Founder, CEO, TREAD, says: 'TREAD is proud to present TREAD One - a revolutionary fitness product that combines excellent-quality hardware, software, and content - all within a single sturdy yet compact device, so as to enable people to do their daily workouts seamlessly from the comfort of their homes. Through leveraging innovative technology and products, we at TREAD are committed to providing the most convenient and interactive workout experience for consumers of all age groups.

'TREAD One has been conceptualized and built in such a way that not only will the spin bike be able to aid the users to do their cardio and spinning workouts but also yoga, cardio and, strength and conditioning. These different workout formats are an add-on to your everyday workout routine and also allows you to access personalized fitness content from the top trainers of the country on-demand. By offering fitness in a tap, along with technology that connects you and drives you constantly to get fitter, TREAD One is truly redefining the future of fitness and bringing to you the experience of a lifetime.' Some of the notable features of TREAD One are as follows: 1. 22 Inch HD Rotatable screen - Experience immersive fitness through a Full HD (1920*1080) LCD TFT screen that allows you to have a seamless life-like workout experience.

2. Live streaming - Join live sessions, every day from the comfort of your home. Schedule your sessions beforehand and enjoy a seamless workout experience for beginners, intermediate and advanced levels.

3. On-demand videos - You don't have to miss any more workout sessions with hundreds of on-demand videos in our video library. Pick, choose and work out according to your comfort.

4. Leaderboards - Track and compete with people around you with our leaderboard system that allows you to work out with other community members at the same time.

5. Expert trainers - Get trained with the finest fitness instructors that will motivate you, inspire you, and push you to be a better version of yourself, every day.

Some hardware-based features that makes this bike stand out compared to any other product in the market are: 1. Frictionless resistance - This allows you to increase or decrease your resistance with our variable magnetic adjustment and lets you experience different levels from 0 to 100 with zero friction for an effortless workout experience.

2. Chain free silent belt - Break free from chains with a drive system that includes a 'Quite Poly-V Belt' allowing you to enjoy a near-silent ride without disturbing anyone's personal space around you.

3. Flywheel - Indulge yourself in a smooth ride experience with an 11kg flywheel that is attached to a rotating shaft to smoothen power to the machine - a technology to smooth your ride for life.

4. Powder Coated - This dry, free-flowing, thermoplastic paint technology is applied, melted, and hardened to your bike's surface making it a lifetime investment saving your hardware from any junk or rust, and increasing the lifeline of your hardware.

5. Compact - Bring home compact and sleek hardware, designed to fit into every household without taking up much space.

6. Stable and durable - With its easy-to-move yet sturdy design, it allows you to enjoy workouts with high stability, yet makes it easy to move around the house with its front wheel feature.

7. Dual pedal system - Choose to ride in with clip-in pedals or strap-in pedal systems and get the best grip for your ride.

8. Inbuilt sound system - With earphone jacks, wireless connectivity, and other exciting features, so that you always stay connected and pumped-up during your workouts.

The pre-bookings for TREAD One are currently underway; the product can be pre-booked by visiting the link:

The start-up is also currently offering digitally a 'Live Demo' session for the newly-launched product (so that people can get a sense/feel of the product before investing).

About TREAD: TREAD is a premiere connected fitness platform, owned and operated by Bengaluru-based Treadfit Technologies Pvt. Ltd. The start-up incepted in 2020, founded by Dinesh Godara (ex-founder Wifistudy, which got acquired by Unacademy). TREAD is ushering innovation in the everyday home fitness space by integrating different forms of workouts and fitness content into a unique hardware/product. The platform attempts to bring holistic yet challenging workouts in an accessible and efficient format, along with a thriving community to support your fitness-first lifestyle! TREAD is set to contribute passionately to your journey of being fitter and redefining your fitness regime. With expert trainers that not only train you but also push you and motivate you to be a better version of yourself, with content that not only educates you but allows you to try new and different formats every day allowing you to experiment with fitness in a tap, and much more - you are in for a ride! Photo - PWR PWR