Travelling During the Pandemic? Here Are Some Tips to Fly Safely in the Times of Coronavirus

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Owing to the high risk of infections, governments imposed several restrictions on travel, particularly through air, for its citizenry. Travelling by air and sea routes has the highest potential to spread the Coronavirus infection between nations. However, once the lockdowns were relaxed or lifted following the peak infection period, international and national air travel resumed with limitations. Many have to travel regularly by air, because of work. One can have a relatively safe flight experience by following a simple set of instructions.

Face Masks

Masks are our first line of defence against the Coronavirus infection. They should be worn at all times when one is travelling by air, either within the country or outside it. Wearing masks erases the possibility of the virus spreading through coughing or sneezing.

Soaps and Sanitisers

As the virus is known to survive on surfaces of objects, there is a chance of catching an infection, in an airport. World Health Organisation (WHO) recommends washing our hands with soaps for 40 to 60 seconds. The soap molecules damage the virus’s outer layer, making them ineffective. Soaps also do not harm our skin or beneficial bacteria, unlike chemicals.

Hand sanitisers with at least 60 per cent of alcohol are also effective in eliminating Coronavirus. Excessive use of hand sanitisers is harmful as it removes our natural skin oils, kills beneficial bacteria and causes our skin to dry out and crack. Sanitisers should only be used when one cannot wash hands.

Airport social distancing

Since airports are crowded places, passengers should ensure that they don’t come in close contact with each other, except for families travelling together.

Digital payments

It is better to avoid cash transactions as the virus spreads through droplets on surfaces. Digital payments are safer.

In-flight air circulation and seating

Travellers can breathe a sigh of relief because the air inside an aeroplane cabin is refreshed continuously during flight. Most modern aircraft are equipped with high-quality air filters that reduce the possibility of viruses spreading between passengers.

Window seats are ideally a safer choice as it keeps passengers away from the aisle used by other passengers and flight crew, frequently.