5 Travel Hacks to Enjoy your Vacation While on your Period.

Imagine this. You’re getting ready for a much deserved vacation. You have your itinerary and passport waiting for you on your nightstand, your clothes are picked out, and your handbag is ready with all of your essentials. You know you deserve this break and you are so ready for a week of fun and relaxation. 

But then, you’re paid a little visit by none other than Aunt Flo. If you don’t know who she is, you may recognize her by another name - your period. Aunt Flo is definitely an uninvited guest on your vacation. She screams, she cries, she fights, and let’s be honest, she is quite the opposite of relaxation. 

Hacks to enjoy your vacation while on your period.

So, here are a few tips to ensure your period doesn’t get in the way of your travel plans: 

Always Carry a Spare: 

Whether you get your period right before traveling or while you’re already on vacation, it can become a nuisance if you don’t have spare pads or tampons on you. Not only is wearing the same pad/tampon for more than eight hours uncomfortable, it can also be incredibly unsanitary. If you’re traveling long distance or you’re on a plane for more than eight hours, it’s healthy and hygienic to change your pad/tampon at least once. 

Try the Menstrual Cup:

Menstrual cups are all the rage now - and for the right reasons too. These little cups are reusable, easy to use, comfortable (you don’t even feel them), and you can have them in for up to 12 hours. There are several brands that sell low-cost menstrual cups, like Pee Safe, Divacup, Shecup, Aneer Moon Cup, etc. If you want to avoid constantly adjusting your pad, make space in your bag, and contribute to saving the environment, this is something you can definitely think about. 

Menstrual cups

The Importance of Staying Active:

Yes, this is your vacation, and this might be a time where all you want to do is sit on a beach or quietly watch the mountains. But, if you are on your period, it is a good idea to get in a little bit of exercise. This could mean a walk on the beach or practicing some yoga in the morning. Exercise on your period is a lot more relaxing and energizing than not, which is what your ultimate goal for this vacation is anyway. 

Soothing Drinks:

The best ways to enjoy your vacation and soothe your stomach from those awful period cramps are hydrating drinks. For example, tender coconut water can alleviate some of the pain, keep you hydrated, and prevent water-retention bloating. Additionally, warm water, chamomile tea, and other hot (decaffeinated) liquids are also helpful in relieving you from cramped muscles. 

Hot Showers, Spas, and Heating Pads

A vacation calls for a trip to the spa. And when you’re on your period, a spa day can be more relaxing than ever. A few minutes in a sauna can help with water-retention bloating, a massage can also be beneficial in relaxing your muscles and reducing your discomfort. If a trip to the spa is not up your alley, a hot shower or a bath will also do the trick. You can also end your day with a relaxing heating pad to relieve your cramps- there are microwavable ones you can buy too. 

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