Trapped in a plane: Woman wakes up in an empty Air Canada aircraft

Adams was on her way back to Toronto after a weekend at Quebec. She was travelling in an Air Canada flight, which would reach its destination in 1.5 hours. (Source: Reuters)

Facebook user Deanne Noel-Dale recently shared a horrifying experience on behalf of her friend, Tiffani Adams. On her post addressed to Air Canada’s official Facebook page, she expressed her fears of waking up in an empty, dark plane, hours after it had landed.

Adams was on her way back to Toronto after a weekend at Quebec. She was travelling in an Air Canada flight, that was expected to reach its destination in an hour and a half. Claiming that the plane was hardly filled, she had a row all to herself. She soon fell into a deep slumber but later on woke up to a freezing cold pitch-black surrounding. It soon dawned upon her that it was midnight and the crew, as well as the passengers, had deplaned hours ago, leaving her behind.

Tensed, Adams called her friend but was not able to get through as her phone was discharged. Accordiong to the post, she also attempted to establish some by trying out the "walky-talkys" on the plane and even the USB ports, which did not work. "Since I can t charge my phone to call for help I m full on panicking because I want off this nightmare asap. I found the walky talky thingys in the cockpit but they also don t work I can t radio for help," read the post.

After several attempts, she finally managed to get a door of the flight to open but found out that there was a 40-50ft drop to the pavement below. "I search frantically for a rope so I can climb down to safely (flight attendants seat is right by door I opened but the seatbelt is too short to hang from so back to my distress signals now I m hanging out the door reflecting the flashlight off the side of the plane (figuring reflective exterior will catch someone s attention in the distance) not sure how much time has passed bc no phone no nothing", she wrote.

Finally, she spotted a luggage cart and was rescued by a man on duty. "When I see the luggage cart driving towards me I am literally dangling my legs out of the plane..he is in shock asking how the heck they left me on the plane," read the post. She was later taken to a Air Canada representaive, who inquired about her well being and even offered her a vehicle and a hotel room.

Adams ended the post with,"Air Canada called Monday and Tuesday both people again ask me to repeat what happened apologise for my inconvenience and say they will do an investigation bc they have checks in place that should prevent people from being locked on the aircraft at night. I haven t got much sleep since the reoccurring night terrors and waking up anxious and afraid I m alone locked up someplace dark..this is a super long post-so I ll wrap it up please share if you know of anyone who has gone through this I don t like feeling so alone".