Transportation boost for Northeast! Mizoram’s capital city Aizawl to get cable car services; details

Nikita Prasad
Aizawl cable car services

Infrastructural boost for the Northeast region soon! Aizawl, the capital city of the state of Mizoram, will get cable car transportation services for easier and seamless travel. According to sources quoted in a recent PTI report, the city will get the facility of cable car services as the Modi government has approved a proposal of the Mizoram government for redeveloping the public transport system of the hilly town. Aizawl is not just the capital of the state, but also the largest city of Mizoram. Hence, due to administrative and demographic importance, the city's public transport system requires a strong boost.

According to the report, Aizawl is also known for its traffic jams hence the cable car services will be a boon for the commuters. As part of the plan, two overhead cable car corridors will come up in the city. The north-south corridor of the cable car will be between Thuampui and Solomon’s Temple. Zoramthanga, Chief Minister of Mizoram, recently met Rajiv Kumar, Vice-Chairman, NITI Aayog in the national capital. In the meeting, it was revealed that the proposal for setting up the cable car services in Aizawl city has been approved by the Centre, after the examination of the feasibility report.

Additionally, the financial allocation has also been made for the cable car project. Experts from Delhi will be visiting Aizawl city next week for starting the initial works for the cable car project.

Meanwhile, the public transportation system across several cities in the country has seen a massive transformation in the past few years, with the metro rail projects, which have been promptly adopted by the commuters. Metro projects such as Delhi Metro, Chennai Metro, Hyderabad Metro have changed the culture of the public transportation system. These metro systems are also coming up in several Tier-2 cities as well. The cable car services in Aizawl will also likely to be a booster for urban mobility in the city, given its hilly topography and mild, subtropical climate.