Transgenders strip naked, cause traffic woes, in Delhi's Green Park

Shalini Ojha

Transgenders strip naked, cause traffic woes, in Delhi

19 Aug 2018: Transgenders strip naked, cause traffic woes, in Delhi's Green Park

In what can be seen as a protest against police's action to crackdown illegal activities, a group of transgenders stripped naked on the streets of Green Park in South Delhi.

A video was recorded by passersby and widely shared on WhatsApp. It obviously caused traffic woes to the general public.

A police officer said whenever transgenders are asked to move from one area, they reacted similarly.

The protest: Transgenders, some naked, some semi-naked, blocked roads

Reportedly, a group of 8-10 transgenders, some naked, some semi-naked, staged a protest of sorts.

The video purportedly showed one climbing on car's roof, another one lying on road, and another one patting own's private parts. Yet another transgender blocked the road to ensure vehicles didn't move.

Seeing this, other transgenders who stood in corner, also started stripping.

Reason: Understanding reason behind this peculiar protest

For over a month now, the Delhi police have launched a drive to prevent transgenders from encroaching roadsides and participating in illegal activities like prostitution.

On Friday, the police took 6 transgenders in preventive custody from the stretch from Lajpat Nagar to Defence Colony.

They hoped to provide transgenders better jobs through the Yuva Scheme, but the task has been far from easy.

Fact: When asked to move, they strip and create ruckus: Police

"They were asked to move from Hauz Khas area and they moved their base near the IIT Delhi gate. Whenever we ask them to move and not carry out the activities, they strip and create a ruckus," DNA quoted a police officer.