Transgender Community in Surat Donates Rs 1.5 Lakh to Family of Man Killed by Eunuch Over Rs 2,000

Ahmedabad: In a moving gesture, a group of transgender people in Surat donated Rs 1.5 lakh to the family of a man who died after he was assaulted by one of them over demands for extra money.

The deceased, 40-year-old Govardhan Khatik, who owned a paan shop, suffered a brain hemorrhage after he was attacked by a transgender person during an argument over a donation to celebrate the birth of his boy.

According to the case details, upon learning about the birth of Khatik’s son, a group of transgender people reached his residence on Devadh Road in Godadara on September 3 and demanded for a donation in exchange of their blessings.

However, an altercation took place between Khatik and one of them, who demanded an additional amount of Rs 2,000 on the Rs 7,000 paid by the father.

During the argument, Khatik was slapped and his head reportedly hit a wall. He was rushed to the hospital in Surat where the doctors said that the injury had caused a brain hemorrhage. He succumbed to his injuries on September 10. Khatik is survived by his wife, two daughters and a son.

Police have arrested three accused, namely Renuka Kunwar Jadav, Bhagyashree Kunwar Bisnoi and Sagri Kunwar Malik in the case.

After learning about the poor condition of the victim’s family, a group of transgenders gave them Rs 1.50 lakh and assured them that they will also give some money during Diwali to help them in their difficult times.