Transformers - The Last Knight Trailer: Here's why Optimus Prime is fighting against his own [VIDEO]

Dishya Sharma
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This week has to be one of the best weeks for fans. First the Thor: Ragnarok trailer was out and now, the Transformers have released their new trailer showing Optimus Prime.

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The trailer starts off with a voice-over talking about the greatest legend. Shot in a picturesque location, the voice takes viewers to the changing history of Transformers. And suddenly, we see Optimus Prime taking a turn to the evil side as he marches to Earth without a leader out to kill everything and everyone. But, why?

Optimus Prime reveals in mere a sentence: For my world to live, yours must die! Fighting for his own kind, Optimus Prime is out to change history as he fights for his own to protect his kind.

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The team will not give up on Optimus Prime, but will he give up on them? Find out on June 23.

Watch the trailer here:

The trailer giving viewers some amazing visual effects as the team fights against Transformers for an epic battle. Imagine watching this is 3D!

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