Transcell Oncologics Announces a New Portfolio, Transtoxbio, for Testing COVID-19 Vaccines and Drug Candidates

TranstoxBio- A portfolio of Invitro cell based platforms.

Transcell Oncologics ( introduces Transtoxbio (, a unique portfolio for COVID-19 Vaccines and Drug candidates (Pharma assets pipeline). Transtoxbio offers a comprehensive collection of human derived ethically immune configured progenitor cell/tissue platforms as human surrogate systems to support the growing community of pharma and preclinical research industry. Their state of the art capacities takes pride in sourcing, isolating, and preserving the authenticity of all configured cell/tissue based systems with predictive powers needed to assist preclinical exploratory testings with discovery and development of druggable formulations.

It is the only portfolio with specialized capabilities to test Bio/therapeutics (vaccine/drug candidates) induced species specific hematotoxicity, relevant transcriptomics, cytokine involved inflammatory pathways, Pulmonotoxicity on human surrogate in vitro models to predict their prognosis in clinical trials.

Advantages with opting Transtoxbio in preclinical research and testing:

  • Timelines employing human surrogate platforms versus animal models
  • Powerful & Predictive readouts
  • Phenotypically responsive platforms for assaying
  • Genotypically conducive to read Toxicogenomics profile
  • Readouts are specific to human applications
  • The only platforms with transdifferentiating capabilities to mimic organ microenvironment including human lungs

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Transcell Oncologics, LLC
Ms. Sindhu Dravida
Partner – Business Development
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