Transavia Flight to Amsterdam Makes Emergency Landing at Vienna After a Passenger Wouldn’t Stop Farting Buzz Desk
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Transavia Flight to Amsterdam Makes Emergency Landing at Vienna After a Passenger Wouldn’t Stop Farting

A fight broke out on the flight as the man didn't restrain himself from Farting

There are some things in life which are beyond our control. These include weather, success and FARTING! Yes, you read that right. Like nature’s call, a fart is something that most people cannot control. Be it a loud fart or a silent, stinky one, it always ends up being embarrassing. But you couldn’t have imagined this consequence for farting. A plane flying from Dubai to Amsterdam had to make an unscheduled stop in Vienna as a passenger wouldn’t stop farting, and this had led to a fight inside the plane! The Mirror reports that an elderly overweight man refused to contain himself in the packed out cabin.

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Reportedly, two Dutchmen who were sitting next to the flatulent man told him to stop and complained to Transavia Airlines crew. However, despite repeated requests and even a direct order from the pilot, the man carried on farting and this led to a huge fight. With the fight worsening, the pilot decided to make an emergency landing at Vienna International Airport in Austria. After the emergency landing, officers boarded the plane with police dogs and four suspects were escorted off the plane. The pilot had reported, “passengers on the rampage”. The incident has been confirmed by the police, who said that the fight broke out after the man refused to restrain his farts. The two Dutchmen and two sisters sitting in the same row as the men were also escorted off the plane.

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The two sisters, however, maintain that they did not do anything. The spokesperson for the airline said that the ladies were also guilty of misbehaviour and verbal abuse. But the four weren’t arrested as they had not broken any Austrian laws. The spokesperson of the airline informed local media that the four people have now received a ban from any further travels. Mirror reports that the airline is also exploring the option of whether the costs of the stopover in Vienna can be recovered from them.