Train Conductor Makes Racist Passenger Get Off Train For Abusing Man Speaking in Hindi

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A Wellington train conductor, JJ, is being lauded for standing up to a person and stopping the train in its track after a racist taunt between passengers turned nasty.

Notably, according to a story published in The New Zealand Herald, the train had left the Wellington Railway station on its way to Upper Hutt but came to a halt after the conductor overheard a passenger racially abusing another for speaking Hindi on his mobile phone.

Speaking to the channel Checkpoint, a passenger, who wished to remain anonymous revealed that the incident unfolded on the evening of August 8.

According to the eyewitness, a young girl was heard yelling at a passenger telling the person to go back to their country and not speak their language.

"She said she was getting off at the next stop, and the conductor said 'no you can get off at this one, I'm not putting up with that nonsense,'" the eyewitness revealed the conductor as having said.

When the girl refused to de-board, the conductor called the police.

According to the passenger, nobody on the train was upset the conductor stopped the train to remove the girl and that everyone was "over the moon" that the conductor stood up to the girl's behaviour.

According to the eyewitness, who spoke to Checkpoint, everyone was just in awe about her courage and the fact that she told the girl that it did not matter if she was a "paying customer" or not, she could get off and find her own way home.

According to the story published in The New Zealand Herald, that even though the victim of the racial abuse was startled at first, the person seemed more or less unfazed.

The news report further revealed that JJ, the conductor was alerted to the incident by another passenger.

According to the conductor, she took the teenage girl and another passenger who had tried to intervene outside the train and asked them what was happening.

Turned out that the Indian passenger was talking to his friend in their own language and the teenage girl had an issue with him talking in his own language and she was being racist and abusive towards him.

The conductor decided she was not having any of that and after the girl did not change her manner despite being told to, and she decided to ask her to de-board.