‘Trailer of Republic Day parade…’: Yogendra Yadav on farmers’ tractor march

Farmers protesting against the new Central agriculture laws deferred their proposed tractor march from January 6 to January 7 due to a bad weather forecast. The national capital has been receiving intermittent rains for the past three days. The unions said the agitation against the three agriculture laws will be intensified in the coming days. Swaraj India president said farmers will conduct tractor march from four sides. Swaraj Abhiyan leader Yogendra Yadav said ‘it has been seven months’ since the new laws came into force and the government has held seven round of talks with farmers since then, but it has not listened to ‘seven words’ of farmers which are ‘we want repeal of the farm laws’. This comes after the seventh round of talks between Centre & farmer leaders. The latest talks between Centre & farmers ended in a stalemate on January 4. Centre and farmers will continue the talks on January 8. Watch the full video for more.