A trailblazer in the green beauty industry sector, Kaelin Jutras, CEO and Founder of Herbal Skin Solutions, triumphs over pandemic setbacks while uplifting an entire community of business owners

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Herbal Skin Solutions has seen the vast majority of the estheticians retailing their skincare products and offering CIT Pen Treatments. The retailers have more than tripled their order volumes for their businesses after successfully retailing Herbal Skin Solutions products and training with us on CIT/ Micro-needling and dermaplaning. As their sales grow, their effort to pass on the good fortune also flourishes.

We vote with our dollars. When we choose to purchase skincare from Herbal Skin Solutions and their approved professional retailers, we also support the crediblecharity’s rooted in serving clean water to those in need, stopping human trafficking, preserving land, and protecting wildlife, all that Herbal Skin Solutions is committed to supporting. Through their membership with 1% for the planet, Herbal Skin Solutions is projected to give a minimum of $10,000 this year alone. They also have shared lofty ambitions of feeding the hungry in the Pacific NorthWest,where their founder is stewarding the land in preparation for their Spring 2021 launch of home-grown organics, straight from the source!

Aside from philanthropic giving, Herbal Skin Solutions is also rooted in sharing their secrets to success through education. They do so by providing free product knowledge training and education to anyone who wishes to learn more about the science behind the key ingredients in their formulas and ways to incorporate the specially crafted blends into a daily skincare ritual treatment room/spa service. Through their virtual product knowledge training, one may also find resources and information on other brands they distribute. There you will find more information on brands such as Saian, My Skin Buddy, Alera (Zensa), Cellese (AnteAge), along with Herbal Skin Solutions sister platform for hands-on education, The Esthetics Academy. They breathe the words of Ralph Waldo Emerson,”It is true that a candle losses nothing by lighting another candle.”, which means that they believe in uplifting the beauty industry as a whole community over working out of a place of competition.

You can even read on The Esthetics Academy blog or listen on the Addo Aesthetics Spa Marketing Made Easy iTunes Podcast exactly how the Founder, Kaelin Jutras, brought the brand, Herbal Skin Solutions, to life. She has made it quite simple with a bulleted list of tasks for anyone who wishes to follow in her footsteps or better understand how a soulful skincare line like hers can be developed.

On The Esthetics Academy blog, Kaelin focuses on sharing all of the things that have helped her flourish in business and life. The articles include everything from self-care practices capable of enhancing well-being and greater alignment with spirit to techniques on how other companies can boost their client’s results and bottom line. This year will mark a fruitful five years in business for Herbal Skin Solutions, and they attribute much of that success to the earth while giving thanks to and doing right by it. The brand products revolve around cultivating synergistic ingredients derived from the plant kingdom with the highest caliber of science behind them,from the extraction process to the water used for formulation. For example, you may notice the cruelty-free emblem on all of their products. Instead of deriving from animal sources to obtain ingredients like sugars, Lactic Acid, and Hyaluronic Acid, Herbal Skin Solutions uses the bio-fermentation process to harness the ingredients’ power and does so in a way that is much more bioavailable to the skin than animal sources. Kaelin undoubtedly meets the criteria for what we would consider a “30 under 30” Forbes game-changer. This young entrepreneur, who launched her businesses at only 24-years old, has shape-shifted the professional market. She has forged this path by creating innovative new ways to provide top-shelf performance in everything from seed to stem and concept to creation.

Kaelin plans to continue raising the bar for the beauty and manufacturing industries by offering on-going opportunities and collaboration with many other business owners.