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Tragic life of Zeenat Aman

With a Maharashtrian Brahmin mother and a father of Afghan descent, she hailed from an affluent and influential family. Her father Amanullah Khan, an eminent writer in the industry, was related to the ruling family of Bhopal also. But life hit her hard just at the age of 13 when she lost her father; her mother got married to a German and procured German citizenship.

Tragic life of Zeenat Aman: Bad choices in men left her broken everytime

It is impossible to judge a celebrity’s life from what they choose to broadcast to the world at large.

Beneath the perky personalities and sunny smiles, they maybe hurting, and you may never know.

Today we explore the tragic life of Zeenat Aman, who, despite her confident modern outlook, suffered immensely at the hands of callous men.

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