Tragedy of Bihar: Mainstream Media Shying Away from Harsh Reality

Sanjay Pugalia
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Video Editor: Sandeep Suman
Video Producer: Devika Shah

If we ask, which north Indian state’s capital is called Garden City? Which is the poorest state of the country? Which state ranks 9th in receiving foreign tourists? Which state ranks last on the Human Index?

The answer to all these questions is Bihar.

Though poverty has undoubtedly decreased in the last 15 years, Bihar still lacks other developments. At a time when coronavirus pandemic has wreaked havoc in the country, there is just one doctor per 43,000 people in Bihar. Comparatively, this is much lesser than the national average.

Bihar’s Employment Rate

The figures for unemployment give you a clear picture of development in Bihar. There has been a double increase in unemployment compared to 2011-2012, in both urban and rural areas.

The growth rate of Bihar has witnessed a steady increase over the years. Its growth rate is 10.5 % which is more than the national average.

But there is one discrepancy here. The state with a population of 10 percent has only a 4 percent share in the economy of India.

Where Does Bihar Stand in the Human Development Index?

What is Bihar’s Per Capita Income?

Voters are seen talking about unemployment, corona, and migrant labourers, while leaders can be seen making false promises and plans which lack details.

Lack of industries is one of the main reasons of unemployment here. Agriculture and farming-related industries and service sector will accelerate Bihar’s growth. There is scope for growth in these sectors but not much work is being done. Because of which the tragedy of migration exists in the state.

The present government can say that the budget has increased 5 times in the past 15 years. Roads have increased by almost two-and-a-half times. The statistics of vehicle registration have increased too. All these may be understood as small symbols of urban development but it is beyond understanding why most people in the state with a population of 10 crores are unemployed.

There is no discussion on how big packages or what kind of special measures are needed to overcome unemployment as a national strategy. Leaders have different promises and schemes to offer but the public wants discussions on real issues.

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