Traffic Violators Won’t Get Visas for Canada, Oz: Punjab Cops Launch Campaign to Fix Road Menace

Ludhiana: The embassies of Canada and Australia have been asking India for details of offences, including traffic violations, committed by those seeking long-term visa for these countries, Ludhiana Police said on Friday, while launching a campaign to check traffic violators.

Ludhiana police commissioner Rakesh Agrawal told Times of India that several embassies have contacted police in the last one year to share information. “We have details of offences committed by drivers in digital format. So we can share information with authorities concerned. Since several people from Ludhiana apply for citizenship or long-term visa for these two countries, we are using it as a tool to deter traffic rules,” Agrawal said.

The Ludhiana traffic police department on an average issues 400 challans to traffic violators every day. In 2018, between January 1 and July 31, a total of 89,580 challans were issued in the city.

A whooping 32,759 challans were issued in the first seven months of 2019 for wrong parking alone. For riding without a helmet, 23,393 challans were issued and 8,647 people were fined for driving without a seat belt.