Traditional cultural activities resume in Kashmir with 2-day folk music festival

Baramulla (Jammu and Kashmir), Oct 30 (ANI): Traditional cultural activities resumed after a long gap of COVID-19 shutdown in Kashmir valley. The Gulshan Cultural Forum has organized two-day folk music festival in Baramulla. During the event, artists gave energetic performances including folk singing and short skits. “In the time of these odd days (due to COVID-19), we feel so good after attending this musical festival, many people came here to watch the performances,” said a local audience member.“In this two-day festival organised by Gulshan Cultural Forum in the time of COVID-19 pandemic, we tried to provide a platform to people, so that people can calm themselves amid the tensions caused by the pandemic. In this event, we produced drama and major events of mausiqi. People enjoyed the event and felt calmness after a long period of COVID-19 lockdown. It was a successful event,” said Gulshan Badarni, organiser of the event. To avoid large gathering, cultural activities were stopped by authorities in the month of March after the announcement of COVID-19 lockdown.