How to track SEO - Top six points

Sneha Das
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How to track SEO - Top six points
How to track SEO - Top six points

26 Jan 2021: How to track SEO - Top six points

Understanding Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is complicated. Knowing how to do SEO, which strategies to use and when, outreach, guest posts, and social media require a lot of effort.

So, how do you track your SEO efforts? This article will look at some of the best ways to make sure that your efforts are not in vain or going to waste.

Different ways: Different ways to track how well your SEO is working

Use Third-Party Software: Businesses like Zutrix dedicate themselves to providing top-notch rank trackers that can give you insights that other dashboards such as Google Analytics do not offer.

Taking advantage of those trackers can give you accurate information that updates a lot more regularly than others do. However, they are rarely free, but we think that they are well worth the investment.

Fact: Keep an eye on your organic traffic while doing SEO

Keeping an eye on your organic traffic is the golden key to all online businesses. Google or Bing Analytics give great insights into how much traffic you get from the search engines. However, you will need to keep an eye on all of them.

Search Impressions: Search Impressions help finding number of people searching for terms

Search Impressions: Understanding how many search impressions you get will give a great idea of how many people search for the terms you are trying to rank for and how many people find your meta descriptions for those pages interesting enough to click.

If you have high impressions but low clicks, you need to change some titles or descriptions to capture more clicks.

Fact: Bounce Rate can be monitored by using multiple analytics tools

Bounce Rate: The higher your bounce rate, the more people think that your site does not show them the information they want or capture their interest enough to lead them to other pages. You will need to monitor this by using multiple analytics tools.

On-Page Time: How long user spends on website is a good indication

On-Page Time: How long a user spends on your website is a good indication of how well your site is performing, even if they only stay on one page.

For example, if you have a long article that should take around ten minutes to read, you want the average on-page time to be about the same.

Backlinks: It is important to use tools to check backlinks

Backlinks: They are one of the main ranking factors of SEO, right? Wrong.

Unfortunately, search engines have caught on to people creating backlinks for themselves and using spam links to gain positions in the SERPs.

Some links may do nothing, while others may hurt your efforts. Therefore, you must use tools to check your backlinks and disavow those that could harm your SEO.

Fact: Do not spend on a tool just because it's cheap

Further, there are more points that you can consider. Using external tools will also help with many items on this list. So, take your time to consider which ones fit your needs and budget. Do not spend on a tool just because it is cheap. Image Source: