Toyota Innova Crysta Given for Service at Dealership Stolen, Owner Chases Car: Watch Video

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Motor vehicle thefts are rampant in India and have only seen a steady increase in their rate over the last few years. While earlier, car thieves would wait till nightfall to commit the crime, nowadays they are bold enough to commit the crime in broad daylight. One of the factors that possibly contributed to this rising trend is the fact that vehicle theft, though so rampant, is also the least-solved crime in our country.

According to report in CarToq, the owner of a Toyota Innova Crysta handed over his vehicle at an authorised dealership for service in Wayanad, Kerala. It’s usual practice by the service centres to keep the keys inside the vehicle to ensure the keys don’t get lost.

Watch Video:

The CCTV footage reveals a person with a black bag suspiciously moving around the Toyota Innova. He then gets into the vehicle and can be seen driving away from the dealership premises. Luckily all this happened in front of the owner who was going over some paperwork at the service centre. He notices his vehicle being driven away by the stranger and starts to chase after it along with his acquaintance.

The video footage further shows the owner of the Innova Crysta locating his car parked on the side of a road nearby. The Innova owner showing a good presence of mind can be seen blocking the rear with another vehicle. He then approaches the driver’s side trying to open the car. As the windows are rolled up, the owner can be seen clinging to the door of his Innova to nab the thief, but the car thief manages to speed away.

Wayanad Police arrested the thief, who got nabbed him in record time. The stolen vehicle was also seized from his possession.