Toy Horse Photobombs All Photographs After Woman Sticks Him On Phone Cover

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In a bizarre turn of events, a woman glued a brown-coloured miniature toy horse on her mobile phone’s blue and white back cover to disastrous consequences.

Turns out, that the miniature toy horse is now photobombing all the images that she clicks. From pristine meadows to images of the landscape, a tiny horse head can be seen popped up in the middle of the screen at all instances.

Kai Tipton, who is based out of Washington, took to social media site Facebook to share the incident. Tipton shared a total of 15 photographs on the platform, alongside the caption, “I'm f*****g crying, I glued this at I stupid f*****g toy horse to my phone case, but I didn't realize that I aligned it right below my camera's lens, so now every single f*****g picture taken with the case on, is photo-bombed by this dumb ass f*****g toy equine.”

The post, which has already received over a lakh likes and shares, saw a number of Facebook users reacting to it with the ‘haha’ emoji, while some even commented on how inconvenient it must be for her to fit it into her pocket. Needless to say, the post has gone viral worldwide and is being mostly shared as a ‘bizarre incident.’