Toxic patriarchy on steroids: A New York man killed his wife because she loved Hrithik Roshan!

In one of the most bizarre murders you will ever hear about, a man killed his wife in Queen, New York because he couldn’t handle her crushing on Hrithik Roshan. He later committed suicide.

Donne Doljoy (27) was killed by her husband Dineshwar Budhidat (33), because he couldn’t handle his wife liking Hrihtik Roshan. Donne’s favourite movie was Kaho Naa Pyaar Hai, Hrithik’s debut movie which launched him into stardom.

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One of her colleagues told New York Post: “She told me when she was at home watching a movie or listening to a song [with Roshan in it] he would ask her to take it off because he would get so jealous.”

Dojoy, who had moved out went to watch a movie at Dinehswar’s place and it’s not known what they were doing but in the evening, Dineshwar messages his wife’s sister saying he had killed.

He left his wife’s stabbed body in the building and then hanged himself from a nearby field.

On her last day alive, Friday, Dojoy — who had moved out two weeks prior — agreed to stop by their old Ozone Park apartment, on Albert Road, to watch a movie and “chill” with Budhidat before her evening bartender shift, said Andel Rodney, 29, a chef at the lounge.

A friend told New York Post: “I think he loved her but at the same time, he was obsessed with her, because of the type of job she did, and she had a good [sexy] body. She looked good, she always made her money, so he was probably jealous of her.”

He was would threaten to kill her often, but she never took his warning seriously.

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