A-TOWN: Making of An Actor

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Sudden happenings are what makes our lives adventurous. But if these happenings are good or bad is decided by your actions. If you keep winning as many hearts as possible, you will never have to wipe the smile off your face. Just as such is the story of instagram celebrity and comedian, A-Town who was destined to be an actor and his transformation will leave you spellbound.

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Born and brought up in Allen Sherrod in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, A-Town has become a viral internet sensation. Founded his YouTube channel in 2014, at present A-Town has a massive following and subscribers. Though began at small, A-Town stayed true to his passion and kept on posting videos and building up his fame online. His most famous video, “Da Birds are Chirping” has over 9 million views, gaining him the name “Birdcall” from his fans.

They say success favours the ones who persevere, and all his hard work paid off when he finally got a chance to star in a series based on his own life, “A-Town- The Movie.” The movie showcased his past life and the struggles as well as betrayals he has had to face in his life. Directed by CEO-ISHHH and shot by @Rocstar_hengo and @DougieKingxx_ his movie gained fame and appreciation like fire and did extremely well. It went viral all over the United States and the fandom and love it was receiving has motivated A-Town’s publicist @CEO-ISHHH to shoot a sequel! It has been already announced and the shooting will begin around late March, 2021.

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In a couple of months from his debut, A-Town has made his mark. Movie insiders say his role in the forthcoming A-Town 2 is staggering.

A-Town shares “It isn't what I do, but how I do it. It isn't what I say, but how I say it… and how I look, when I do it and say it.” Be a first rate version of yourself, not a second rate version of someone else. He says, “I think you should take your job seriously, but not yourself. That is the best combination.”

Now, A-Town has about a million instagram followers and has worked with a lot of well known celebrities like SnoopDog and Meekmill. Success is no accident, but a result of our will to never give up, A-Town has also starred in a series, “The Bid” which aired on Netflix.