Tourists Wake Up Sleeping Panda at Chinese Zoo by Throwing Stones, Shocking Video Angers Netizens

Team Latestly

Pandas are such lovable animals. The fluffy bears who are known for their laziness are just so cute to look at. But some tourists could not see a panda sleeping and decided to throw stones at it! The shocking incident took place in China's Beijing Zoo and a video of the same has been shared online. Needless to say, people are angry with the audacity of this behaviour of some tourists and it is causing outrage. The video shows a Panda sitting in an enclosure when a stone bounces next to him. Man Throws iPhone Into Bear Enclosure at China Wildlife Park Instead of Apples; Video Goes Viral.

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After the video went viral, the zoo authorities have promised to improve the security at the enclosures. But that being said, it is still shocking to see humans primarily indulging in such behaviour. People are calling out to blacklist the tourists and some serious punishment to be administered to them. In the video, when someone questions, "who threw the stone?" no one identified. However, after 30 minutes another bigger stone was hurled at the resting panda.

Watch Video of Tourists Hurling Stones in Panda Enclosure:

The panda was of course startled when the object fell nearby and also examined it. The zookeepers arrived after a while to stop the tourists from disturbing the panda any further. The zoo confirmed and told The Beijing that the panda was not hurt by the stones. The zoo also confirmed on their Weibo account that they plan to renovate the panda enclosure. Egyptian Woman Jailed For 'Sexually Harassing' Monkey by Touching His Genitals, Watch The Viral Video That Sparked Outrage.

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However, the bigger concern is the kind of tourists that come in and their behaviour. Is it too much to ask for to be civilised? It is really shocking for tourists to behave so unruly and disturb the animals in their habitat. Pandas are known to be lazy, who sleep all day if they are not eating and enjoy a bit of playtime.