Tourists to see Taj under moonlight

Agra: The UP government on Friday opened an all-new viewpoint of Taj Mahal which will enable the tourists to get a spectacular view of the iconic monument under the moonlight and during early morning hours.

State minister Girraj Singh Dharmesh on Saturday inaugurated the Mehtab Bagh Taj view point, which will allow tourists to view Taj at Rs20 for three hours in the morning and three hours in the evening. This new point will be opened for tourists from 7am to 10am and in 7pm to 10 pm.

“The Taj viewpoint has been developed by the Agra Development Authority. I wish more such viewpoints are developed in Agra so that more foreign tourists can come here,” Dharmesh told media in Agra.

Tourists during the inauguration were happy to see Taj Mahal through a new viewpoint. “I am from Melbourne, Australia. I have been to Taj Mahal before, but not to this place (Mehtab Bagh Taj View Point). I think it is a wonderful spot,” said a foreign tourist.

Another tourist from J&K said, “It will boost tourism. It is a dream come true moment if I get to see Taj at night.”