Tourists Make Narrow Escape After Relentless Rhino Chases Them in South African Safari

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A South African safari turned into a nightmare for a group of tourists as they were chased by a three-ton rhino.

A smartphone video taken at the Kruger National Park shows the three-ton animal chasing the vehicle for over a minute as they desperately try to get away.

Rhinos can reach speeds of 50 kmph (31 mph) to 55 kmph (35 mph), making them the fastest mammals weighing over 1000 kilograms.

Rian Boshoff, who was part of the group, told "We were on a drive with Taxan at Djuma and we were driving along the riverbed when this bull white rhino crossed the road.

Boshoff said as the rhino suddenly charged at the vehicle as the group went past it.

"As you can imagine, the guide stepped on the gas and we were going around corners like madness."

"At first, I just thought it's going to be like a short charge and then it would stop," Boshoff told ABC News.

"The road had a lot of turns in it which made it difficult for us to get away."

"The driver took a 90-degree turn into the bush to try and deter the rhino because they have bad eyesight," Boshoff, who was on the trip to picture leopards, said. "But he was determined to get to us he just kept on coming."

Boshoff said at one point he thought the rhino was “going to eat us."

The same rhino had chased other vehicles in the past, according to the driver.

"The driver really did a good job to keep us safe," Boshoff explained. "He just asked us to sit still and he got us out of the situation."