Tough time for coconut traders in Bengaluru as sales see sharp decline

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Coconut sellers in Bengaluru suffer losses as their business have been affected by COVID induced lockdown. [Photo/ANI]
Coconut sellers in Bengaluru suffer losses as their business have been affected by COVID induced lockdown. [Photo/ANI]

Bengaluru (Karnataka) [India], May 25 (ANI): Coconut traders in the capital city Bengaluru received an unexpected jolt with the Covid-19 second wave as sales have sharply declined.

Already coconut traders suffered huge losses during last year's lockdown but are again facing tough times due to the second wave coupled with COVID-19 complications with black fungal cases.

Coconut traders in the city say there is only five to ten per cent business left as there are no weddings, functions or events taking place, and hotels are shut.

"There's only 5-10 per cent business now, there's no wedding or business in hotels. Coconuts rot away. We somehow pay our workers," said Narayanswamy, a cocout seller.

Lockdown in Karnataka has been imposed to contain the spread of virus.Initially, the state government has announced a 14-day 'close-down' which was initiated on April 27.

The growing cases forced the state to announce a lockdown that has been in place since May 10.

A Coconut trader said that earlier, they used to sell atleast 10 tonnes of coconut everyday, but now they are not even able to sell a single tonne due to the resrictions.

Many sellers have also closed their shops due to the sharp decline in the sales, said the trader.

Speaking to ANI, Govindraju, a Coconut trader said, we used to sell at least 10 tonnes of Coconut everyday but now we are not able to sell even a single tonne due to the restrictions.I was hoping to cash in on this year but due to lockdown and COVID.

"Due to restrictions no marriages and no functions are happening in Karnataka, hotels are also closed due to lockdown which is causing heavy losses to coconut Merchants in APMC Market of Yashwanthpur, Bengaluru," he added.

"Many traders who used to sell coconut had to shut and sell their shops due to unbearable loss. Now only a few shops are buying coconut from farmers, but they too are incurring losses as there is no business," he added.

Karnataka which has been witnessing a surge in cases in the second wave of COVID-19 is currently under lockdown till June 7.

According to the state health bulletin, Karnataka has so far reported 25,000 virus-related deaths with active cases around 4.73 lakh. The sate has recorded over 24 lakh total COVID-19 cases so far. (ANI)

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