You should totally ignore these 5 pieces of relationship advice!

Shreya Suresh Kumar
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You should totally ignore these 5 pieces of relationship advice!

Do not pay heed to these if you value your relationship.

When it comes to love life, you should try your best to avoid other people’s involvement. If there is a problem in your relationship never take advice from other people. Talking, discussions are fine but when it comes to taking a call, you should be the one doing it purely on your instincts.  This is not because people wish bad for you, maybe they are not good with love and relationships. Maybe they are giving you an advice totally based on their personal experience which also is not really right. Such advice given by people on love can backfire if taken seriously. You should totally ignore these pieces of love advice. ALSO READ These are the 7 things you should never tolerate from men in 2017!

1. You make the rules in the relationship

Now this is one advice that you seriously need to ignore.  Relationships are all about love and caring, it is not some competition where you have to lay down rules.  Never pay heed to this advice because if you do your relationship will ruin.

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2. Start looking for guys after breakup

This is another advice that most friends give. However, this is the last thing one should after a break up. If you have recently broken up with your boyfriend, you should just take some time off and relax. Spend time with people you love, do what you like, take up hobbies and be emotionally stable. A relationship that starts after a break up is usually a rebound. ALSO READ Ladies, these are the 5 signs that tell you are being emotionally abused!

3. Force your man to get married to you

Marriage is a big decision. It should never be forced.  If you find anybody telling you to force your partner to get to propose you or force him to marry you, understand that this is not even considered as an advice. You need to stay away from such evil thoughts and ideas. Marriage should be mutual and make this decision only when both of you feel ready for it. ALSO READ 10 signs of a jealous and possessive boyfriend!

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4. Keep him waiting

Whoever said that keeping a guy wait for a long time till you tell a yes to him has no idea about dating.  There is no such rule that a woman has to do it.  If you are sure in your head that this is the man you want to be with, just go ahead and tell him a yes. Once again telling him a yes or a no should totally be your decision. ALSO READ Signs of a jealous and possessive girlfriend: 10 red flags you simply cannot ignore!

5. Bedroom tips

Another love advice that definitely needs to be ignored is bedroom tips. How to have sex, what you should make your guy do or what you should not do should all be decided according to your own comfort. Never divulge your bedroom secrets to anybody and never take any tips or advice about your sex life. It is strictly personal and should be kept that way.

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