Total Amount of Covid-19 Infecting Millions Would Fit into a Shot Glass, Says Mathematician

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When we think of coronavirus, we see it as a dangerous pathogen that has thrown the world into disarray. The fact that an invisible enemy has overpowered our lives is quite disturbing but recent revelations are more shocking. The amount of virus that has wreaked havoc in the world is too little — an amount little greater than what a teaspoon can hold.

A recent study has found that only around 8mL (0.2 fl oz) coronavirus has infected 53 million people worldwide, reported Daily Mail.

This is because of the microscopic size of coronavirus. The report says that this estimate has been given by Australian mathematician Matt Parker on his podcast — A Problem Squared. According to him, all the chaos in the world is down to a teaspoon’s worth of trouble.

As per Matt, who also contributes to the Science show of Radio 4 — Infinite Monkey Cage — even if he comes up with the figure that fits the upper end of his estimates, the amount of virus that has infected over 50 million people will fit into a shot glass.

Matt started his calculation with an estimate of the number of cells in each sufferer of the coronavirus. He based this on the viral load measured from swabs and the research published in The Lancet.

The mathematician calculated the number of people carrying the virus on the assumption that each Covid-19 infected person was infected for 14 days and that there are 300,000 new cases per day.

He arrived on the number 3.3 billion after the calculations. This is the number of Covid-19 cells present in the human population.

As per the report, the cells do not acquire much space due to their size, comparable to the wavelength of light. The coronavirus cell is multi-million times smaller compared to the human cell.

Matt says, “A virus particle is very small, it’s just the code to wreck other cells.” The virus has infected over 54 million people so far and has caused the death of 1.32 million.