Update on top WWE Raw Superstar Drew McIntyre’s injury and return


Bengaluru, Sep 12: There is bad news for those who are wondering about the recent absence of Drew McIntyre from WWE programming. The latest updates indicate that an injury scare broke out around him after which WWE was forced to remove him from shows. This might also be the reason why he, one of the most favourites to win King of the Ring tournament, faced early elimination.
Reports from PWInsider.com confirmed that Drew McIntyre is currently dealing with an injury and is out of action owing to the same reason. He was neither present backstage for the Madison Square Garden episode of Raw hosted in New York City nor he was backstage for last week's show hosted in Baltimore.
The source noted that words going around the locker room are that Drew McIntyre had to undergo minor surgery to help fix a lingering injury that occurred after the recent tour of Mexico. WWE has not organised any live events in the Latina country since December, but the Scottish Psychopath was there in late August for a promotional tour to plug in a WWE SuperShow scheduled for late November 2019. He posted a picture of the same on his Twitter handle.

The idea was to eliminate any kind of stuff related to surgery as officials hoped McIntyre to get well in an organic process. But the severity of the injury may have increased in recent times forcing him to go under the knives. However, he is still not expected to miss a long time.

As stated below, the top WWE RAW superstar should be back onboard, sooner, (via wrestlingINC.com)
"McIntyre will be ready and healthy going into WWE TV in October and the build towards WrestleMania 36 season in 2020. McIntyre will return to action as soon as WWE doctors clear him, which could be as soon as next week's set of TV shows. McIntyre is said to be ready to return, but he's just waiting on the call from WWE and the approval from the doctors."

Unfortunately, the injury must be the reason why the bonafide heel superstar's push came to an abrupt end. He did not get the much-anticipated match against The Undertaker at Summerslam even after a short buildup. Thereafter, he was rumoured to have a match against Cedric Alexander at WWE Clash of Champions at one point.
These two went back and forth in a few segments on Monday Night RAW, a few weeks ago. But it was not converted into a full-fledged feud due to some unknown reason. The last time we have seen Drew McIntyre in a match was on the August 26th RAW episode where he lost to Ricochet in King of the Ring tournament's first round.

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