Top five SEO experts of 2021

Sneha Das
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Top five SEO experts of 2021
Top five SEO experts of 2021

20 Feb 2021: Top five SEO experts of 2021

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is the process of producing your web-based content in an "easy to consume" fashion.

Maximizing the visibility of your online endeavors are important, as organic traffic is much more prominent.

To run a business successfully online, you should always consider hiring help for SEO.

SEO Gurus: Experts can help take the SEO efforts to next level

It's not a simple task when the time comes to implement your SEO efforts.

This article takes you through the top five reliable and reputable SEO Gurus of 2021, who can help take your SEO efforts to the next level.

Some of the main skills/traits they offer are expertise, connections and knowledge.

The top five SEO Experts of 2021 are listed below.

Guy Sheetrit: Guy Sheetrit: CEO and Founder of Over the Top SEO

Guy Sheetrit is at the top of our list.

With over eight years of experience, Guy has used his versatile set of SEO skills to help drive over 16 million leads for his clients and partners, helping them to pass the $1 billion in revenue mark.

With plenty of annual SEO awards under his belt, Guy heads the fastest-growing SEO company.

Fact: Some of his noteworthy achievements in 2020

Looking to make an even larger impact in 2021, Guy is using a partnership model with all his partners to ensure that he's in it for the long haul. His 2020 noteworthy achievements include GYBO Partner, top-ranked on Google for "Professional SEO," and "Penalty Recovery."

Bill Slawski: Bill Slawski: Director of SEO Research (Go Fish Digital)

With over 22 years of experience in the industry, Bill Slawski is another seasoned SEO Guru.

Bill loves using SEO to see how people use specific bits of information, as it allows him to help figure out what they need.

His noteworthy achievements from 2019 include giving speeches at various SEO conferences in both London and Milan.

Fact: Bill saw tremendous growth after moving to California

Bill moved to Carlsbad, California four years ago and has been thriving ever since. Living out on the East Coast wasn't working out, so he decided to make the change. That allowed him to make long-lasting connections and develop into a better SEO Guru.

David Mihm: David Mihm: VP Product Strategy (ThriveHive) & Founder of Tidings

David Mihm has made it his mission to focus on attracting and retaining customers in the digital landscape for small businesses as many of their owners don't know about SEO.

Implementing the optimal techniques and practices while conducting SEO for these small businesses is his specialty.

With over five years of experience, David helped to develop over a dozen small businesses using SEO.

Bartosz Goralewicz: Bartosz Goralewicz: CEO and Co-Founder (Elephate)

Bartosz Goralewicz loves SEO because it brings about constant change, helps to develop community, and offers endless possibilities to grow alongside.

Bartosz is currently heading a specialized team of SEO experts, all of whom are focused on innovation.

With eight years of experience, Bartosz has worked on the incredibly technical components of SEO optimization in large international companies in the past.

Fact: Some of his noteworthy achievements

Often considered as "new blood" by many, Bartosz brought several Fortune 100 and Fortune 500 companies as partners, optimizing their e-commerce platforms and developing Elephate into a "true SEO agency."

Laura Lippay: Laura Lippay: SEO Lead (Comcast)

Laura is a very experienced SEO expert, as she holds almost two decades of "enterprise-level" SEO experience.

She has done a lot of work in both the technology and entertainment space, as she has worked with companies like Red Bull, Microsoft, Yahoo, Netflix, Tesla, and many more.

She spent 18 years in Silicon Valley and only recently left to join the Comcast team.

Fact: Some of Laura's noteworthy achievements

With 18 years of experience in the SEO industry, Laura's noteworthy achievements include: Starting up her side-gig as an artist and quadrupling the amount of traffic for a Netflix TV show/movie.

SEO expert: Why do you need an SEO expert?

The lack of depth and enthusiasm that most SEO companies have to offer is disappointing.

When you choose to work alongside some of the top names within the SEO industry, it's almost a guarantee that results will follow.

You need an SEO expert because they have been in your shoes before, and they know exactly what to do!