Top Chef Vikas Khanna Slays Trolls Abusing Him for Eating from Asim Riaz's Hand on Bigg Boss

Michelin star chef Vikas Khanna was recently on the receiving end of mass trolling on social media after he appeared on an episode of Bigg Boss 13 and ate a bite from the hands of one of the contestants, Asim Riaz.

The distinguished chef and cookbook writer appeared on the show for a cooking workshop where he judged a cooking task in which all contestants participated. In the end, the chef treated them contestants to some of his signature Michelin dishes.

It was at this time when all the contestants were served and they were preparing to eat when Riaz, a model who has been part of the Bigg Boss 13 show, decided to feed the chef a bite of the food from his own hand. A delighted Khanna shared the image of the same on his Instagram story.

However, what Khanna wasn't expecting was the sea of trolling that was in store for him after the post. After he posted the image, many questioned the chef's faith considering he ate from the hands of Riaz. Incidentally, the model originally belongs to Kashmir.

Responding to the trolls, however, Khanna wrote, "When I posted this humble gesture on Insta Story, I got a lot of hate filled rude messages and questions. Even questioning my faith. I’m an Indian and that’s my faith".

He also added that he was "so happy' to watch the contestants eat and that he had only shared Riaz's story on Insta as he had been moved by the gesture.

"I was in Bigg Boss house a few days back. We had spent hours and hours to create Michelin Style plates for the Winning team.......when everyone started eating, I was so happy to see them eat.They are living in isolation without any luxury for months, it was a satisfying moment for me to see them savour my food. Except for Asim, who served me a bite with his hands first. It was a genuine moment to thank me," he wrote.

On Twitter, the chef wrote, "When house mates are living in Bigg Boss for months without luxuries and when given a Michelin Star meal, it moved me that Asim fed me first. I’m not a part of any team, but we must honor a humbling moments in life. This gratitude is what defines us as human," Khanna wrote.

Khanna's response to the trolling has impressed many on social media. His post on Twitter has over 25,000 likes while the number of over 85,000 on Instagram. Many lauded him for not standing with communal trolling and taking a stand in defence of secularism and harmony.