Top Cardiac Surgeon Dr Hariawala unveils "Triple Heart Therapy" at CSI 2012

New Delhi, Dec. 24 (ANI): New Delhi recently witnessed the largest gathering of cardiovascular specialists in the country at the 64th CSI ( Cardiological Society of India ) annual conference which was held at the Hotel Ashok. The scientific program was packed with high quality learning for over 5000 attendees with acclaimed Indian American Heart Surgeon Dr Mukesh Hariawala delivering one of the prestigious " CSI Distinguished Lecture 2012 ".

He unveiled the cutting edge novel protocol of " Triple Heart Therapy " combining Angiogenesis , Stem Cells and Bypass Surgery for patients who have no options for diabetic diffused coronary artery disease. Angiogenesis is the science of stimulating birth of micro vessels in the heart by initiating release of growth factors like VEGF ( Vascular Endothelial Growth Factor ) using laser stimulation which eventually helps in salvaging heart tissue that is lacking in blood supply. A surgical video of a 72 year old patient had all attendees in sheer admiration of the pioneering research work which was first initiated in 1995 in Boston, USA at Harvard and Tuft's University affiliated hospitals.

Dr Hariawala finished the lecture confessing with caution that " although animal studies have been very promising and well published in the medical literature , the 22 patients done so far in Europe have showed promising results analyzed by serial ongoing perfusion scans. Larger studies will have to be done for validation of this therapy and bringing it to mainstream medicine as a new therapeutic option for patients with coronary artery disease . This therapy would not be an alternative to Angioplasty, Stent or Bypass Surgery but would work closely in synergy with these existing proven therapies ".

Dr P K Deb, Chairman of scientific committee praising Dr Hariawala's ground-breaking innovation said " Angiogenesis session should be an integral part of all future CSI conferences as it is an economical therapy and Indian patients will be large beneficiaries ". Dr H K Chopra, Senior Vice President of CSI conveyed " Patients in rural India who cannot afford high cost treatments could see a lot of benefit by the Non Invasive Out Patient application of Angiogenesis using " Modulith SLC Shockwave Therapy " for non operable cases in terminal heart failure.

This year's CSI also witnessed an emotional and inspiring Presidential lecture by Dr Ashok Seth which had the attendance of Vice President of India Hamid Ansari and Delhi Chief Minister Sheila Dixit.

Dr Mukesh Hariawala is a highly sought after Keynote speaker on Angiogenesis at several international conferences. He was an integral part of the surgical team that operated on PM Manmohan Singh during his first bypass surgery in 1990 at the Harley Street Clinic in London. Additionally, he is a visiting Honorary Cardiac Surgeon at Mumbai's Jaslok Hospital where he plans to initiate " Triple Heart Therapy " in Sanjay Mehra(ANI)